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Ways To Promote Your Website And Get More Traffic In Less Than 7 Days.

Presently, to promote a website has become challenging processes that do tie some people down, but I tell you is it not supposed to be that way. Many people get more traffic to their website by using some techniques and strategies been proven by some other people and it worked for them perfectly.

In this my article, I will explore some of the actionable ways that majority of successful internet marketers used that worked for them and they are still using it till date and it will help you to improve in your website traffic. But for you not to be disappointed, some of these ways will not just work immediately, just exercise patience and you will get a surprising result at the end.

1. Draft Content That Push People To “Share” Or “Link.”

Your content has the most important parts of role to play in your website. Your articles have to stand out as the best in the niche and be worthy to rank high in Google. Break down what others have written about your topic or niche into a simpler way and do everything you can to make your articles even better than theirs.

Quality content addresses problems by giving various solutions that anyone can use. A long and informative content gets more social media shares and also earns more backlinks from authoritative domains. A good content helps you acquire more traffic to your website. Studies have shown that websites with long articles over 2000 words tend to rank higher in Google.

Think about your readers and what they expect to learn from your content. Give them some actionable advice they can quickly apply to it and say thank you later.

It’s also very important to interact with your readers and ask them to participate to the article by leaving comments. If your content is well appreciated, it will naturally attract social media shares and backlinks.

2. Build Quality Backlinks

For you to get more organic traffic and improve your overall SEO, you have to build backlinks. Link earning is not often a viable solution, especially if you are in a boring niche.

Only spend time on building quality backlinks and never on doubtful opportunities. Bad backlinks can do more harm than good and in some ways; they can lead to Google penalties which may result to blocking of your account from Google.

3. Make Sure Your Best Backlinks Will Never Be Removed

If you have started earning or building a good backlinks, its of good important that you don’t lose them. Try to keep the track of the existing backlinks using “Monitor” backlinks SEO tools because is as important as building them newly.

4. Write Topics That Is Controversial And Trending

Make sure you cover if not all the topics that is trending and selling all the time. It can help your content to rank in Google because of less competition.

Make use of Google Trends to find out the topics that people do search and have interest on.

Always discuss the upcoming news and controversial topics that will make your readers drop their comments on your comments box. Such controversial topics go viral on social media than others.

5. Make Your Headlines Attractive

Write your headlines with SEO in mind, but make sure they are also appealing to humans and let the body carry have the information that the headlines is passing. A good headline can improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) on search engines and social media.

6. Engage With Influencers From Your Niche

To be one of the influencers, it’s best to make friends that are already niche leaders. You can be active on their blogs and engage with them by leaving comments or communicate with them on social media.

7. Use Quality Images For Your Posts

A good image will not only look good on your website, but it can also help to attract the readers to take actions where necessary and also get you good backlinks. If your image is unique, others might want to use it on their website, and they will link it back to your website as being the original source.

A good image can also increase your visibility on social media, especially on sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

8. Be Ready To Attend And Discuss With Your Readers

Always reply comment from your readers. Be grateful to those that are sharing and interacting with your content on social media or even those that share to their friends for more comments and likes. A simple “thank you” can make them feel important and increase the chances to come back and contribute with more insights.

Responding to your users comments will also help the conversation going and get more comments on your posts. Keep in mind that comments on content can help you rank higher in Google for new keywords.

9. Take Part On Q&A (Questions & Answers) Platforms Or Forum

This is a great source of traffic. There are hundreds of questions published every day on all niches, try to be among the first set of people to provide suggestions or answer to the question that is being asked. Some of the most popular Q&A platforms or forums are:

  • Quora
  • com
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Reddit
  • Stack Overflow

10. Collect Series Of Email Addresses

Collecting your visitors email addresses will help you increase your returning rate and decrease the bounce rate. Email is the most personal way to communicate with your readers and let them know about your latest posts or contents and ask for feedback.

There are several email collector applications that can help you increase your email subscribers. One of the best ones is SumoMe.

Don’t hesitate as well to tell me your past experiences, you may have met some scammers, vulture gurus and too many people whose work is to mislead you and collect your money.

So my dear, as you have known how the process of making money online works, join it today. And if in any way you got confused and needed a help, don’t waste time to send me message with the comment box below.



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