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Ultimate Facebook Marketing Excellence

Facebook marketing has revolutionized the way digital marketing is done, in many ways possible. What used to be just banner ads on the internet can now be done in many forms, especially in this vast social media platform. Here are some of the types of Facebook ads you need to know:

Creating a public page

You can always start with the conventional type of Facebook Marketing, which is setting up a public page for free. All you need to do is to maintain posts and update the page regularly. It comes with all the necessary tools and self-service interface that is easy to use, even for beginners. This is cost-effective, and very easy to manage.

Sponsored Ads: Domain Ads

The most common type of paid ads that you would often see is Domain ads, and when you click, would take you to an external site. These ads are normally done to increase site traffic and improve customer interaction. Domain ads can also illustrate social context like for instance, a certain friend “likes this page/site.” For this to take place, Facebook should be able to go with the target URL of your domain ad with a relevant Facebook public page.

Facebook Event Ads

If you need total exposure for the publicity of your events, event ads are very helpful.  It is also shown on the right hand side of the desktop, with a maximum of 90 character description.

Mobile App Ad

As the name suggests, this kind of ad only shows up when a user is on mobile view.  Once the ad is clicked, the ad directly leads the user to AppStore or Google Play to install the mobile app. The effectiveness of the ad is measure by the number of downloads, while being integrated with Facebook.

Facebook Page Post Ads

The page post ad is the easiest and widely used type of ad in which your Facebook page can be posted as ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’.  Once the user clicks on the link, Facebook will direct it to the public page.

Facebook Offer Ads

Offer ads are useful and enticing, especially when written well. The key to a successful offer ad is to include the important details, the number of people who previously accepted the offer and the expiration date. The photo should also speak a lot, because it’s what the users would notice at first glance.

Facebook Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories can also be purchased through Facebook Marketing, besides the usual ads. These are frequently the most interactive type of ads. They are, in reality, support and endorsement made by the user’s friends, and thus tend to get higher click-through and rates of engagement.

Once a person likes a certain page, it becomes an ad that appears onto other user’s new feed. This is more effective in some cases because the credibility of a recommendation from friends is likely to be higher.

There are certain types of stories ad. Some include page or place ad, which was mentioned earlier, the app story, game played or even event RSVP sponsored story. All of which work similarly, by showing who among your friends list are using the same app or going to the same event.

One Step at a Time to Achieving Facebook Marketing Success

The game plan is always the key to success in all businesses. To come up with a solid game plan and strategy in Facebook marketing, do not forget this 5 easy steps:

1.) It is important to have a clear mission and vision when putting up a business. A lot of brands’ success stories came from these two objectives. These two points must explain why a company exist and its purpose.

In starting his Apple Company, Steve Jobs was motivated by supporting people’s creativity, not by selling computers.  Before becoming the largest florist shop, Jim McCann’s 1-800-Flowers.com was motivated to help people express their feelings to others.

Therefore, before planning to do some social media marketing strategies, a person should:

  • First, exactly know the type of business he will engage himself into, and
  • Second, fulfill other people’s desires and solve their problems.

2.) Take the six Vitamin C’s of Facebook every day. In order to come up with a successful marketing campaign, keep all these 6 C’s in mind:

  • Content: post stories that will gain a lot of shares, likes and comments. In short, it should be interesting.
  • Clarity: clearly show what the fan page is all about and what it has to offer. Update the “About” section of the page and add taglines on the cover photo if necessary.
  • Campaign: maximize the use of Facebook’s promotional tools in order to support a particular campaign.
  • Connection: build and grow the page’s network.
  • Culture: make the fan page as an extension of the company’s culture or a particular brand. The same look and feel of the fan page should not be used all over again. This will depend on proper page management which includes: the type of content shared, response time, way of response, humour and etc.
  • Conversion: convert fans and followers into a network of paying customers.

3.) Post shareable contents. Consider these basic rules on creating shareable contents:

  • Make it short. (a content with 80 characters will gain more shares)
  • Vary the contents by using photos, videos, audios and links.
  • Reply to people who shared the content by liking their shares.
  • Interact by asking questions
  • Visit other pages to know what people like
  • Determine when is the best time of the day and week to interact with the fans.

4.) Consider experimenting and testing then, track the results. It is important to learn what Facebook marketing strategy is working and what’s not. Try variating the post frequency, contents and time zones.

5.) Learn from the success of other Facebook fan pages. Oreo, Disney, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Skittles are some of the popular consumer brands that are doing well in this social media platform. Monitor their Facebook pages and view other fan pages in order to see what particular types of content could gain significant amount of shares. Examine everything on their fan page starting from updates up to the promotional campaigns used.

To become good at Facebook marketing, it takes time and patience. By following the above-mentioned steps and seeking the help of people who are knowledgeable in this field, success will be on its way!

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