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Top Traffic Tools To Drive High Quality Traffic To Your Website In 2018

When it comes to internet marketing and selling of products and services online, think of having a good quality of traffic because it is very important. In this post I will share with you the top tools that I am using to drive traffic and get lots of it in some days.

When I am discussing about the quality of your traffic, I am actually talking about the following;

  • Cost effectiveness <can this traffic get to my CPA (cost per action) target?
  • Buyers intent
  • Analytic match

Now without wasting of time lets discuss some of the tools that help to drive quality traffic fast;

Some Of The Website Traffic Tools You Should Be Using And Get More Traffic

1. Google Analytics

First of all, when you are talking about traffic tools without mentioning of google analytics, it seems to me like you are yet to start because Google analytics is very crucial in driving quality traffic that is needed in any website.

The most wonderful mistakes we do make is not being able to track our result but Google analytics gives you the opportunity to track all your goals, it will tell you the sources of the traffic that are converting to the best result and let you segment your data so that you can go and find the more quality traffic.

For me, so far internet marketing and selling of products and services are concern, Google analytics is still one of the most important tools to use.

2. Google Webmaster

This tool gives you basically an in-depth look about how your website works. It shows you how your page load fast or slow, which can be known as ranking factor, it shows you some places where there is an error in your website or even a broken links, it also show you your impressions, clickt-hrough rate and how you position your keywords.

Checking how your well SEO effort goes, it is a very useful tool for it. I also use it mostly when I need to optimize my title or description tags to know if my click-through rate is lower than I expected.

3. Rank-tracker

This is one of the most powerful tools that I use, it helps to track the organic search ranking among hundreds of keywords at a time. Whenever I want implement SEO work, I put in my keywords into rank tracker, to see what gets me the best results that I am expecting to see in my website.

Given an example, if I buy a link-wheel package and find out the level it moves up my ranking and based on those results I got, it now determine the type of list-building that I need to forge ahead with. So tracking your result online is very important and Rank-Tracker does it better and is also a must have in your SEO stock.

4. Quantcast

After tracking, you suppose to be sure that you are doing your market research. If it happens that you don’t have an idea about analytics or target customer, you may end up driving traffic that is untargeted and have low quality to your website thereby leads to no conversion.

But with the help of this tool called Quantcast, it will give you the analytic profile of your site, though, if your site is too small, it will get you closer to your competitors so that you can get a clear picture of what the audience should be targeting.

I also use it for buying advertising, it tells you what analytics that usually visits whatever site you want to advertise on, so you know if your traffic is going to be targeted or not.

5. SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass permits you to see your competitor’s backlink profile. Though, it seems that is not much initially but for me it looks so powerful. So when Google has ranked a website #1 for the keywords you want go after, then, the next thing to go for is to do a copycat of that #1 person’s backlink profile.

This tool doesn’t only show you the backlink profile of your competitor only, it shows you the page-rank of the backlink as well. With this tool you can copy your competitor’s backlink, the same thing he/she does and go up in the ranking page and dominate them.

6. Ah-refs

Ah-refs is one of the tools I always recommend to all the internet marketers and bloggers to use because it cost nothing, it pays for itself. With the help of this tool, you can figure out where are wrong with your SEO and show you how to fix it.

It helps to find out all about a sites search engine optimization, what I mean here is backlink, social media shares, all the keywords it ranks for, broken link and others.

7. Market Samurai

One of the best internet marketing tools there is, Market Samurai is absolutely a connection when it comes to keyword research. It allows you to extremely research any niche you put in your target keywords and it will tell you how competitive they are, and if you really stand a chance to rank.

I use it every time I am beginning an SEO campaign to help me to determine which keywords to go after first.


You can choose to use any of these tools I mentioned above and start driving quality traffic instantly. Just improve your skills, be creative and work hard to grow your traffic. If you like the information that passed through this article, don’t forget to leave a comment in a comment box.

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