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How to make 5-figures income selling high-priced copywriting service – No Previous Copywriting Skill Is Required

Tons of products (digital and physical) are being launched to the market every week and the number is growing drastically. This makes the copywriting niche very profitable and every copywriter bags in good money monthly offering this service.

What Is A Sales Copy?

A Sales copy (often referred to as Salesletter) is a content written with the aim of persuading the reader to take a specific action. The action can be to: buy a product, inquire about a service, join a mailing list, download free report, or whatever action you can think of from your audience.

A sales copy can be content used in: Emails, Web Pages, direct mails, Pay Per Click Ad copies, Facebook promoted post, sales brochures and more.

But I Don’t Know How To Write Sales Copies…

The good thing is that you do not need to know all these before you can start offer this service. Yes, I will show you how to get all the stuff down without stress and get your clients to come back for more.

Fact is: Copywriting is a skill that you need to learn and master before you can satisfy your clients needs.

No doubts about that, but there are great copywriters who have built systems that will help you craft sales content from scratch like the GURU in less than an hour.

I am going to reveal to you a system that I used for more than 6 months and never regretted it. And you too can use it without knowing how to write great headlines, introduction and call to actions before you get paid to write sales copies.

What Is This Easy-To-Use System For Writing Sales Copies And How Can I Get Started Using It?

The website I have used for this is for the past 6 months and still counting is ScriptDoll.com


Scriptdoll have great sales copies that are:

  • Engaging,
  • Credible,
  • Clear,
  • Concise, and
  • Persuasive,

All you have to do is signup for their system and start generating sales copies for your clients need.

Click the link to signup http://get.scriptdoll.com/trialoffer

 How & Where Can I Position Myself As An Expert To Get Jobs?

The best place to get started selling copywriting service online is the freelance marketplace and Microjob websites.

The place that I have experimented this system on is Fiverr.com microjob marketplace.

If you have not been working anywhere as a freelancer, I encourage you to start with fiverr.

You can read the complete newbie guide to make money on fiverr

How Can I Get Product Owners To Hire Me To Write Their Sales Copies?

Copywriting service is an expensive one. Many people cannot afford to hire expensive copywriters for their contents. So, the best thing to do in this case is give them a pocket-friendly price and they would be happy to hire you.

And once they are comfortable with your service, you will make recurring sales from them and their referrals.

What Price Can I Sell My Copywriting Service?

The amount you charge for your copywriting service solely depends on you. Although the professional copywriters charge between $250 – $10,000 for one copy. You do not have to go as high as them because they have made name in the industry, and you have not!

There are different pricing models applied by different copywriters on the internet. Some charge per word, some charge based on the type of content, and some others charge based on the price of product/service their client intends to sell with the copy.

But the pricing model that worked for me on fiverr is as below:

  • Ad copies: $5
  • Email Swipes: $15
  • Drip Content (also called “Autoresponder Series”): $10/copy
  • Short landing page copies : $25-$45
  • Long landing page copies: $75-$150

You can make your own pricing and stick to it no matter how rich or poor your client might be.

If you have any question, do let me know through the comment box.

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