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Does Making Money Online Really Work?

So many confusion goes into people’s head daily as regards to “How To Make Money Online”. Some group have particularly asked me the question “how do you make money online?”.

Defining how to carry out what to do online to make money may not be so easy as it sounds, because there are so many ways on how you can make money online.

Looking at that question critically, it is the same thing as asking “how do someone make money?”. And I will tell you there are so many numerous ways due to so many different activities that go on everyday on the internet.

Anyways, I will go ahead to define it as regards what we do here on InstantSurveyProfit. So I’ll ask that you give me an undevided attention on this… I will narrate step by step what the process is all about and the foundation in which I built my success on.

Sound good right?

Here Are The Basic Steps To Build Your Own Successful Internet Business And Profit Daily

Step 1: The Foundation Of Online Success Is Building “A Website”.

The plain and simple truth here is that you need a WEBSITE of your own to start with, if you want to be successful from online. So many people have tried to do an online business without a website and they end up getting nothing because they failed to build a website of their own, so my good friend you need a “WEBSITE” for your internet business.

A website is the same thing as a foundation for building a house. For a carpenter or an architect to successfully build a good structure of a house, there must be a super solid foundation, so it is to any online business and your foundation here is website.

I and/or my online business partner at InstantSurveyProfit.com do always say “no mud houses”.


What I mean here is, don’t build anything without a foundation or a low quality because if you do, it may collapse within a short period of time.

So as online business person, you need to build a solid foundation and to achieve that, it requires a website in other to allow you to build a virtual sky scrapers.

I do teach people how to build a skyscrapers, I am not good to build something that will likely collapse in a short time. Set the standard from the onset, build something extraordinary so that you will become successful in anything you want to do online.

Step 2: Building A Basic House Which Is “The Content”

Alright! As you have finished building the basic foundation which is the website, what is the next? Well after building the website, the next thing that follows is to create content. This is where the deal to get traffic starts (through SEO), it is where to build a relationship with the visitors that come around and this is where you can earn money and make the creation of your brand (which will lead to a long lasting business).

Content can be a mixture of different things, from text, to comment or dialogue in between your content, also to video and audio. Search engines like websites that have rich content and people also do. So make a rich and quality content so that the buyers will come.

Step 3: Putting Your Website On A Busy Area Which “The Traffic”

You have built your website for a successful online business, now what you need is the “eyes” which is the traffic on your website which is the same thing as website traffic. But the question bothering people is “how do you get this traffic?” There so many ways to achieve this and content is the first one to mention then the rest are below;

  • Paid Traffic
  • Writing Content
  • Buying Ads
  • Creating Videos
  • Being Ranked in Google (which is being achieved from content)

All these are what you can learn in Instant Survey Profit, the best place to get educated in online business and affiliate marketing anywhere. So if you do not understand what the above mentioned meant, you can learn them from www.instantsurveyprofit.com. I have devoted my time working on the internet for past years and I will be very glad to make you happy by answering your questions, so I’m waiting for your questions.

Step 4: Opening A Shop Which Is “The Money Part”

This is where it comes to reality, there are so many ways of making money especially if have a good and genuine traffic. Below are some of the few ways that I have used and it made me cool cash.

  • Selling Product of Your Own
  • Google Adsense (putting ads on your website
  • Selling Adverts to other website owners
  • Selling Amazon Products
  • Selling the Actual Website or Products
  • Selling Affiliate Products

These are not the only ways that I have made money with but it is the one that looks so easily. So far you have created your own website and have added contents and traffic to it, believe me you will smile very soon if you apply those few ways I mentioned above.

Wow! Is this real? YES is real.

In Conclusion,

This information is to know how far you will go on the topic, how to make money online. It may not be detailed or have the complete guide you’ll need to understand completely, so do ask me your question with the comment box.

Don’t hesitate as well to tell me your past experiences, you may have met some scammers, vulture gurus and too many people whose work is to mislead you and collect your money.

So my dear, as you have known how the process of making money online works, join it today. And if in any way you got confused and needed a help, don’t waste time to send me message with the comment box below.

I will be very happy to help you earn money through those processes.

About Rita Nnamani

Thanks for reading my article/profile. I am a freelance business writer, and have started an internet marketing career to take full control over my income. Ask me any questions within the topic using the comment box below.

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