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The Complete Newbie Guide To Start And Make Money Online As A Freelancer On Fiverr.com

In this my article, I am going to show you a true guide that I use to in my online freelance business on Fiverr that can make to a better level of earning good income of $500+ monthly. I will be showing you everything from account creation to making your first sell.

In case this is your first time of hearing the word “FIVERR”; it is a website where many people come to sell their service to different buyers that visits the website on daily basis from different locations from all the countries around the world.

The lowest amount you can charge for any services you render is $5 and Fiverr will take 20% of the money at least for handling the process, then you will be left with $4.

Then The Question Here Goes This Way Isn’t $4 Very Small?

As a newbie, it can be to you as a slave arena where people work hard to earn as low as $4.

The truth is far from this.

Like I said before that the minimum amount you can charge on Fiverr is $5 as the basic charging rate but you can get up $100 – $1000+ in a one gig. The way you get jobs here depends on how you position yourself on the website.

So I assure you that if you follow this guide, you must earn a good amount of money on Fiverr as a freelancer and prove to those saying that Fiverr is a slave area of $5 that it is not what they think.

See how Fiverr looks like if you lunch it on your screen:



NOTE: In this article, I will be using the word ‘gig’ to mean – the services or products that you are selling to buyers on Fiverr.

But Why On This Marketplace Called Fiverr?

Why I refer you to Fiverr is because, it is a place where you can startup an online business without bordering to get a website, hosting and so on.

Fact is: For you to startup on some other type of online businesses, it may be required that you get your own professional website to start with and also promote it thereby spending hell lots of money. But on Fiverr, it is not so.

Fiverr already has the traffic you need as millions of people around the world visit Fiver daily to get one service or the other.

The Most Helpful Things You Must Do If You Really Want To Make Money On Fiverrs

  • Search for a good niche that sells fast
  • Spy through the successful sellers
  • Create as many gigs as you can
  • Get Into Buyers’ request section
  • When you get orders, deliver your job very fast

Let me throw in small light based on those things;

  • Search For A Good Niche That Sells Fast:
    For you to start making money on Fiverr, you have to check around the platform and find out the niches that do sell fast. When you find the niche, and you know quite alright that you will be able to tackle any job that comes around it, then you are ready to start.
  • Spy Through The Successful Sellers:
    You have to look at the profiles of the successful sellers, to see how they arranged it, see the way they wrote their own Gig description, tags and everything in their profile. When doing this have in mind that you want to know the reason why they are seen as top seller in the same niche you are trying to sell and do the same thing they did.
  • Create As Many Gigs As You Can:
    Fiverr allows you, as a new user, to create up to 8 gigs on your account. You are permitted to describe and sell one type of service in a gig for effectiveness of this strategy on Fiverr.
  • Buyers Request:
    Here, buyers with specific request come to state their need and you apply for the job. You need no credits to do so. This section is very important to get you the first few reviews.
  • Deliver Your Job Very Fast:
    This is very important for your account success. Delivering your job fast is a good strategy of selling on Fiverr. Yes, because all the buyers that visit there, wants their job to be done very fast within the range of 24hours. So when they find out that you do deliver what they want fast, they will stick to your service any time they want to buy.

How To Sign Up On Fiverr

Signing up on Fiverr is a simple task that takes no time to do.



You can start signing process by visiting www.fiverr.com on your computer browser and click on “JOIN” or “Become a Seller” button, anyone you click leads to same destination.

NOTE: Please make sure that you used the email address that you do check regularly because Fiverr will be sending you notification concerning your account; when you receive a message from a buyer or when a buyer places an order.

When you are done with the signing up, Fiverr will send you email to confirm your account and it will be sent through the email address you used when signing up. Just open the email and click the link to make your account be activated.

Setting Up Your Profile To Start Selling

After signing up and activating your account, another thing is to set up your profile.

In this step, this is where you tell people the PROFESSIONAL you. Through the profile setup, it must look legitimate, so professional and reliable.

I always refer you to spy on the profile of sellers in the same niche with you to see how they do their own and follow their foot step. So, go through the profile of 2 – 3 seller in your niche and use the idea to write your own. I repeat, you should look professional in your field.

For you to write your profile description, click on edit button (it looks like a pen). If you finish, click on “Save & Continue”.

After the profile description, then add a profile picture. It must not be exactly your real picture, it could be a logo or a banner or you can go to Google to get a good picture that illustrate the service you offer

This is an example of what I think within me as a good profile:



Adding A Gig To Your Account

Remember I told you that a Gig is the same thing as the service you are offering to a client on Fiverr. For example, you can have a gig that says: “I will design a website for you for $5”. This is just a gig or service that states that you can design a website for $5 on Fiverr. You can have as many gigs as you can from 1 –  8 as a newbie.

Before you can start to do any job on Fiverr, you have to create your GIG.

When you are logged in to your new account, you should see a link that reads “start selling” or “create a gig”. The image below shows you what I am saying. Just click on it to begin your gig creation process.


When you click on “Start Selling” or “Create a Gig” link, the gig creation interface opens and looks like the image below.



Let me explain some of the terms you see there one after the other.


This is the first part of the “create a new gig” form. It is a very important part of your gig and you shouldn’t joke with it. You should use a descriptive and appealing sentence that will make people want to click on your gig.

This title part shows up as “do something I’m really good at”.

In this case, you have type in what you will be able to do. For examples “write a sales copy”. You don’t have to put “I will” because is there automatically.

You should use eye catching words on your title to capture the interest of your clients. You should take the following things into consideration when writing your gig title:

  • Use eye catching/ attention grabbing words. I will list them for you shortly
  • Capitalize the 1st letter of each word and capitalize the whole letters of the most important word. For example: “I will Show You a Secret to Rank on the First Page of GOOGLE for $5”.
  • Lastly, ensure you have your main keywords there in the title. This will help your gig optimization.


After you might have finish with gig title, the next category in line of “create a new gig” form. Make sure that you selected the right category and subcategory where your gig belongs.


This is one of the most important parts in gig creation because this is where you key in the keywords of your gigs. It plays the role of listing your gigs among other peoples own, so ensure you selected the best tags as well.

To figure out the best tags, put yourself in the position of the buyer; what do you think he will type in Fiverr if he is searching for what you are offering?

When you are done with this page, click on “Save & Continue” to move to the next page.



On the next page that shows up, you will see a set up the price structure form telling to set up prices for your gig.

On the set up price, it has “3 package features” that enables you to make more money on Fiverr through one gig. With these 3 packages, you can have different prices for different levels of work on a particular gig.

For instance, if you are offering a sales copy writing service, your Basic Package could offer short or less than 500 words, the Standard Package could be less or 1000 words and your premium package could be for 2000 or more words.

Then you should enter the price and delivery period for each package.

Down the page, you will see Gig Extras.

You can make extra cash by offering extra gigs. This means charging people more for extra work. For instance, your offer could be to write a 500 word essay in three days for $5. One of your gigs extra would now be to do it in one day for an extra $10, or to increase the words in the essay to 1000 for an extra $15.

When you are done here, click on the “Save & Continue” button.

The next step is to write gig description, this is where you elaborate very well what your gig is all about on the title of your gig as the title draws the attention of many client due to how you packaged it.

This is where you get the interest of any client that visits your account and put a desire in him to buy your services and the will to order your gig.

The picture below shows how the gig description looks like;




Explain to your clients the reason why your gig is the best for their business, what to benefit and the features that they will get from buying your gig.

Bear in mind those hot words I made mention of above, use them within your gig description and I also advise you to look at the top sellers in your niche that have the same type of gig with you and get ideas on how they write their own .

When done with this, click on “Save & Continue”.

Then go to next step which is requirement.




This step is where you will tell your clients or buyers what you will need to get their job done. It is something you can figure out yourself. For instance, if you are doing a website design jobs, you have to ask the client to give hosting company name, domain name and so on.

And it can have requirement #1, 2, 3 depends on you that is going to use the account.

When you are done, click on “Save & Continue”




This is where you add pictures to your gigs, a picture that illustrate exactly what you are doing and what your gig is talking about. You can search for this on Google to see different images that you will like to use.

For example, if the gig is article writing, I can get an image of a pen on paper from Google, and upload it.


Adding a video brings more results according to Fiverr. You can choose to add a video or to ignore and skip it. If you want to add a video, you should choose a video that describe what you do and the benefits/features.

Once you are done with all these, you can publish your gig and it becomes instantly available in the search results.



You can always edit your gig anytime by going to “My Gigs” in the “Manage Sales” tab.

To add another gig, mouse over your profile, click on “Selling”. A drop down shows; select “Gigs” from the options and then choose the particular gig you want to edit.

Delivering Your Gigs

This is another important part to learn. The way you deliver your gig matters a lot and it depends on the type of gig you are rendering to client.

If you write articles, eBooks, design logos, banners etc, you can just upload the file to the client from Fiverr portal there.

You do this by opening the order page and clicking on the “Deliver Your Order” link. A pop up appears and you can attach the files there. You can drop some few words to your seller especially appreciative words precisely before you click on “deliver job”.

Below is an order page:



Below is the popup that appears when you click on “Deliver Your Order”

For some other types of services like website design, SEO services, YouTube View, etc, just get a screenshot that proves the results of your job and submit to the client using the same method above.


Below is a picture of popup that appears when you click on “Deliver Your Order”



For some other types of services like website design, SEO services, YouTube View, etc, just get a screenshot that proves the results of your job and submit to the client using that same method I illustrated above.

Driving More Traffic To Your Gigs

Normally, if your gigs are well optimized, sales will start rolling in.

But to avoid putting your eggs in one basket, you can do the following to improve your sales:

  • Create so many versions of the same gig. For example, you can have two gigs talking about the same services to render
  • Share your gig on social media like Facebook, twitter, and so on
  • Make videos about your gig on YouTube

Create blogs and talk about your services there

How To Get Your First Order Or Sells On Fiver

So many people can come to your gig and like the service that you offer.

But since you are new and nobody has ordered from you to certify that you are good at what you do they might not order your gig.

The best way to get your first sale quicker is to get your friends and families to order your first gig and give you a great 5-star review. This will make clients to trust you and know that you will be capable to deliver what they want if they order from you and by doing that they will start ordering from you.

Secondly, you should visit the buyer request section of Fiverr every day.

Some buyers, instead of searching for sellers and ordering, prefer to place what they need in the buyer requests so that sellers can come and bid on it and then the client select who he or she wants to do the order.

Fiverr gives you 10bids per day, meaning you can bid on 10 different jobs per day. So you should regularly visit the buyer request section to bid on the buyer’s need.

To ensure you stand a better chance of being ordered by those buyers, you should write a great short proposal, to the client, telling them you understand what they want and has the capacity to deliver it very well and very fast.

To get to the buyer request page,

  1. Click on the “SELLING” link. A drop-down shows.
  2. You can then click on “Buyer request” to start bidding.

Below is the picture of a buyer request page:



So you have it at the tips of your finger: how to make money on Fiverr.

Since it doesn’t require capital to get started, why not take the bold step to start it today? Let me tell you how I started mine, I was just reading an article online and it pushed me to take action so I did and now I can make $1000+ monthly on Fiverr to settle my bills and feel good about it.

If you have any question, please use the comment box or send me an email with the contact form.

See You At The Top.



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Thanks for reading my article/profile. I am a freelance business writer, and have started an internet marketing career to take full control over my income. Ask me any questions within the topic using the comment box below.

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