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Best Web Traffic Source Newbie Marketers Should NOT Overlook

The thought of how to get traffic to your website may have been regarded as very hard task in the past. You are not the only person who has been troubled by this, I was once like you.

Why do everyone long and wish to get a long-term traffic source for his website?

Fact is: Long-term traffic source gets you the biggest return on your investment and they will naturally compounding returns overtime with no risk if you execute them accurately.

Though there is one major disadvantage that this strategy has, which is, taking a quite long time to set up and start bring in a positive “Return On Investment”. Once it starts to come in, you will understand that it is worth every stress it took.

What is this long-term traffic source with high ROI?

It is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your website is optimized for SEO and ranks on the major search engines, you will begin to get the targeted traffic from thousands (if not millions) of searches

done daily worldwide.

Optimizing your website for search engines can take a couple of months, if not years, depending on your niche. And the funny thing is that when you want to launch a new site, all you have in mind is to get traffic very fast. True or false?

For the benefit of newbies building their first websites, I will go ahead to define few of the types of traffic sources that exist.

What Do We Mean By “Traffic Source” In Internet Marketing?

This is a report that gets an overview of different types of sources where website visitors come from. A typical example is direct traffic (clicks from bookmarks or visitors who know your URL).

What Are The Types Of Website Traffic Sources That Exists?

The details you will find below are the general popular traffic sources known:

  • Direct Website Traffic (Direct Traffic): All those people showing up to your Web site by typing in the URL of your Website, or who visit your website from a bookmark on their web browser are regarded as direct traffic.
  • Referring URLs: This is a situation where other websites send visitors to your website. This could be as a result of your banner ads, promoted campaigns, blogs or affiliates who link to your website.
  • Search Engines: Here the visitors search on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc, and click on a link to land on your website. This will include organic and paid traffic.
  • Other: These include campaigns you have run, e-mail, direct marketing, etc

Search engine optimization brings in the best long-lasting website traffic, and it is one of the most essential stages on niche website income. Do not play with it.

How Do You Optimize Website For Search Engine Traffic?

There are 3 major ways to get your website ranked on google and other major search engines.

  1. Pay SEO experts to do it for you. (Can be very expensive)
  2. Learn how to do it and get the work done yourself. (Can take a lot of time to perfect)
  3. Use Softwares to build authority in the eyes of search engines. (Easiest to implement)

Pay SEO Experts:

SEO experts charge as high as $600 per month, maybe for 6 months. And it does not stop there as there may be other requirements that may follow. If search engine change their algorithm, you may have to hire them again and pay huge amount to get it back on top search results.

In summary, this can be very effective but it is not recommended for a newbie who is yet to start earning income online.

Learn SEO & Implement It On Your Website:

This is really an awesome step. If you have the patience to take a few months to learn and test what you have learnt, then this is a great choice for you.

But remember that you must keep updating your knowledge if you must stay in form.

My take is, the process of going to learn search engine optimization and implement can be time consuming. I recommend this to only people who want to offer SEO as a service.

Use SEO Software

This is the most recommended strategy for every newbie. Search engines list website in search result based on authority of the website and its content.

There are SEO experts who have taken their time to study how search engine give authority to websites, and they came up with easy-to-use software that will ease the entire process.

The best part of it is that if you select the right software, you do not have to be afraid of search engine algorithm as the developer will also update the SEO software to sooth the new algorithm.

In conclusion

Based on your experience level, I suggest you choose what best sooth your pocket and need.

I know a lot of you will have some awesome insights to share along with some opinions.  I would love to hear them in the comment box below and I promise to get back to you in my earliest convenience!

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