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Why You Should Avoid Unethical Affiliate Marketing Traps & Avoid Using Black Hat Tactics in Affiliate Marketing

Does Unethical Affiliate Tactics Actually Make You Money?

I see a lot of things happen on the internet as affiliate newbies try to make a sustainable income online – and these end up harming their growth and not let them grow in the industry.

In fact, it happens a lot more around me because I come from a country where $1 is a lot of money. So, you see people hustling to make $10 a day… not minding the long term consequence.

But in this article, I will cover few important tips you’ll really have to consider if you want to make 6-figures from affiliate marketing. Basically saying why you should avoid black hat marketing methods in growing your affiliate marketing business.

Using The Black Hat Methods In Your Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a sweet business model, and I consider it as the most efficient business model though. Truth is, as you thrive on journey through the affiliate marketing business, you’ll hear a lot of advice.

But unfortunately, many sources tend to show you those strategies or they are very tempting to implement, but that does not make it worth practicing on a business you should carry with pride.

What Is Regarded As Black Hat Marketing Method?

This is any marketing method that is unethical. It can range from deceptive link descriptions to other things outrightly illegal.

How Can Black Hat Tactics Harm Your Online Business?

This method of marketing can harm your business in the following ways:

  • It can give you a negative online reputation,
  • Put your affiliate income at risk.
  • Make you lose ranking easily on search engines, even for low-competitive niches.
  • Make search engines de-list your website from search result

Although these strategies may sound so interesting, easy and you to give it a try, just know that it can only last for a very short while and It simply does not worth it.

You should already know that greater percentage of your activities online leaves a footprint.

That is to say that if you ever get caught by any affiliate program, your account will be shut down instantly and you might as well loose all your “FAST-LANE” income!

Only a very few affiliate networks will listen to whatever explanation you may think you have.

Your loss does not stop at that at just losing your account, but you may never be accepted again into that network no matter how hard you try.

Yes, You can shout and scream your eyes out, but that will not make a difference in any way because you accepted to keep to their “TERMS & CONDITION” at the time of sign-up.

It is always best to stick with white hat marketing practices, even though they may seem to be slow to build and takes time for the income to start coming in commensurately.  You will gain reputation and your success will last the taste of time with constantly growing income monthly.

What Exact Affiliate Marketing Tactics Can Be Considered As Black Hat Tactics?

There are so many black hat marketing tactics being manufactures on daily basis to generate leads, rank websites or to deceive prospects into taking an action unintentionally.

I have made a list below, but this is not the limit to black hat methods used by affiliates who do not want to put in the required effort to build an affiliate business.

  1. The Use of Hidden Contents to rank websites: Invisible text, Keyword stuffing, and No-script tags
  2. Meta tag stuffing: Repeating keywords in the meta tags.
  3. Gateway redirect links: these are links that the end-users do not see, but search engines see them as having quality content.
  4. Link Farming: Using irrelevant pages that do no good to the visitors, just made to serve links.
  5. Cloaking: Showing the search engine robots and visitors, where visitors actually land on a different page, which could be irrelevant as well.
  6. Privacy flaws: inject http cookie file onto people’s computers without permission or even override existing cookies unethically.

Most of these techniques may sound quite interesting, but they are fraudulent, although a few may get away with it, they are flat out fraudulent and I urge you not to be a party in it.

Affiliate networks are getting wiser, smarter and more intelligent to protect their advertisers from fraudulent activities, including clicks.

Avoid methods that will not only get you banned, but can even lead to your website not been indexed on google, bing or any other search engine.

In Conclusion,

Understand that building a business is a process with you must take gradually and prudently. Do not always look at the short-term goals, no matter what the circumstances might be.

Avoid non-lasting scummy tactics of black hat marketing you see people talk about in forums/groups as a temporary way to large traffic or income boosting strategy.

Start building a secure business online from today onward. Do not think of quick profit and the fat bank cheques, even if you think $10/day is a lot of money in your country.

Start and continue to use white hat business tactics and you’d be glad you listened to this warning.

Tell me what struggles you are facing currently with your online business with the comment box below… I just may have a solution and would be glad to help!

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Thanks for reading my article/profile. I am a freelance business writer, and have started an internet marketing career to take full control over my income. Ask me any questions within the topic using the comment box below.

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