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About Rita

I am Rita, the founder and author at InstantSurveyProfit.com

I have been working as a freelance writer from home for the past 7 years …it dates back to 2010 when I was in the university studying computer science.  I spent most of my extra time (the little I had), learning how to use this Internet thing to earn income online.

And guess what? I am very happy that I am seeing the outcome though is still not enough.

I am grateful to see you visiting http://www.instantsurveyprofit.com

I knew that there are others out there who were making money legitimately through the internet and I wanted to find out what I was not doing right.

What is it that someone else doing, that I can’t do?  I am really a hard working young lady staying awake all through night and I see people all over the world, on the internet and in magazines that have great success stories from their online businesses.

Mine can’t be different…

Step forward 3 months later, I started seeing it all.

I have loads of experience in the online world …and I have not stopped there. But the story all changed when I joined Freelancing and advanced further when I kickstarted an affiliate marketing venture, to create my first long lasting business.

Affiliate Marketing is where I network with super entrepreneurs, and offer my help every day to people I come in contact with.

I worked hard, no doubt about that. Then, the most beautiful part is that I live a life I enjoy, have full control over my income and spend the way I like on:

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. Travel and
  4. Technology

On this blog, you will find useful information and insight concerning marketing your businesses online and how internet marketing will help you live a dream stress free.

I will also be sharing products and programs that I believe will help you, some of which have worked for me.

I have great concern about people and put so much time and effort to make sure that anyone that visits this website will get the best resources he is looking for.

Above all, I will be releasing great bonuses to my readers as much times as possible… all to ensure you make money and be happy. Continue to keep in touch as I will continually be adding new contents and resources daily.

Thanks for your time. Feel free to always come around for more interesting topics to build a better business online

Thanks once again

Rita (The Founder instantsurveyprofit.com)